6CN: community video (Candide Tovex - One of theses days )

This video has been uploaded by the 6CN community and is reachable only over IPv6; the HLS manifest is at http://[2001:420:4622:3:4004:0:d00:0].
You can also upload your own video to make it available over IPv6 Concent Networking (6CN).

Decoding 2001:420:4622:3:4004:0:d00:0.

Decoding as Origin at Cisco Paris:
  1. Video prefix: 2306129020852502531 0x2001042046220003.
  2. Stream Type: 1 0x1. non-linear.
  3. Service ID: 1 0x1. 6cn users videos.
  4. Content Descriptor: 13 0xd. Decoding as movies:
    1. Source ID: 0 0x0.
    2. Movie ID: 13 0xd.
  5. Chunk Descriptor: 0 0x0. Decoding as chunk_fields:
    1. Profile: 0 0x0. global HLS.
    2. Duration (sec): 0 0x0. none.
    3. Sequence number: 0 0x0.
IPv6 address of video sequence:

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